Camotes Hidden Huts

Welcome to our hidden Paradise

About us 

We are Dani and Frank Harr from Ettlingen/Germany.

5 Years ago we decided to turn our backs to our home Country to start a new life in the Philippines.

This Year February 2020 the adventure has began.

Our Dream to build a small hidden paradise is still in process but finally since a few weeks it becomes reality. Covid 19 has, as many others around the Globe, destroyed many options and made everything much more difficult.

But that shouldn't discourage us-always take the good things out of a difficult situation, is our motto.

We both believe and work hard,to present in the soon our small hidden paradise.

We would be happy about everyone who follows our construction phases and maybe also become a future Guest.

Stay on the ball and stay safe everyone.



Dani and Frank


Camotes Hidden Huts

The idea to create a little paradise for travelers and vacationers came up in 2015 - Start of construction is scheduled for March 2020.


Due to this lock down in the Philippines we are not able to start our Construction of the Hidden Paradise.

Right now we are still positiv that we can start in august 2020.

Planned Grand opening in mid-2021

The Team




Position Owner



Position Owner